Ideal for Most All Products and Most All Close-Loop Applications

Our ridged wall collapsible reusable packaging products are extremely versatile, tough, and customizable. 

Considerable savings through reuse.  

Food/Agricultural Containers

Seeds, produce, fresh fruit, ingredients, powders, flakes, etc.

Semi-Bulk Collapsible Liquid Totes

These are excellent for all non-hazardous high and low viscosity liquid products.

Industrial Applications

Fiber-free, reusable, semi-bulk containers for industrial applications: powders, preforms, plastics, metals...these composite containers hold it all.

Collapsible Storage and Distribution Boxes

Semi-bulk cargo crates & custom-sized distribution boxes offer excellent product protection, are fully assembled, light-weight, super-strong and have a long life span.

Road, Air, Rail, or Sea

Road, air, rail, or sea - perfect for all modes of transportation. The composite container material handling system is the answer.

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